16oz Glass Jar Sublimation

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  • ***Please note that this style has been redesigned where all sides are completely straight. Small bumps/bubbles may still sometimes occur due to the nature of how molten glass cures beyond our control.***
  • Adorable "beer can" that can be sublimated on or cute with a few adhesive vinyl decals on the outside
  • Designed with a special clear coating and comes SUBLIMATION READY
  • Available in clear, frosted or shimmer finish (rainbow finish is a slight iridescent and only available for a limited time)
  • Single walled
  • Made of durable glass with a smooth arc rim
  • Bamboo lid with straw hole in center
  • Individually wrapped and boxed
  • NO SEAM inside or out
  • Comes with a straw while supplies last (does not fit in individual box)
  • Quality tested
  • Unbranded to allow creative freedom
  • Tumblers are authentic CRAFT HAVEN®
  • Craft Haven® is not responsible for any sublimation misprinted variants as results may vary based on time, temperature, method of application and even equipment used for method of application. Please test and adjust your settings accordingly as misprints will not be covered under our damages policy.
  • With any and all glass products, please avoid extreme temperature changes as this may cause cracking or even glass explosion.
  • ***Please note that due to the nature of glass, small bumps or bubbles may appear during production beyond our control. These are not to be considered damaged as long as they present themselves to be smooth with no rough/sharp edges.***