**NEW** Clear Rubber Mouth Lid Replacement

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  • New patent-pending clear rubber mouth lid designed by Craft Haven® with built-in lip guard (lid is universal between stainless, sublimation and other Craft Haven® tumbler finishes)
    • XL-CH fits:
      • 40oz Modern/Camper Mug/Stubby
      • 30oz Traditional/Modern
      • 14oz Camper Mug
    • L-CH fits:
      • 30oz Camper Mug/Lager/Stubby
      • 20oz Traditional/Modern/Camper Mug/Lager/Stubby
      • 12oz Wine/Wine Mug
      • 10oz Stubby/Chalet/Camper Mug
    • M-CH fits:
      • 40oz Skinny Straight/Skinny Mug
      • 30oz Skinny Original/Skinny Straight/Skinny Mug
      • 25oz Oddball
      • 14oz Kids Traditional
    • S-CH fits:
      • 20oz Skinny Original/Skinny Straight/Skinny Mug
      • 12oz Skinny Original/Skinny Straight
  • Not guaranteed to fit other brands of similar models
  • Tumbler accessories are authentic CRAFT HAVEN®
  • *Please note: if you have NEVER purchased a Craft Haven® tumbler to match this lid, your order may be CANCELLED!*