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  • ***Please note that current batch of clear rubber mouth and tinted rubber mouth lids may or may not have extra lubrication from the production process of inserting the rubber pieces into the lid beyond our control. This lubrication is non-toxic and food safe, but appears to be a sticky medium that may or may not be slightly yellow in color (depending on the amount of excess). This stickiness DOES wash off clean and easily and is recommended that lids are washed prior to use to begin with.***
  • Please note that these are our newest skinnies that have NO TAPER. The top and bottom dimensions of the tumbler EXACTLY the same.
  • Designed with a special white coating and comes SUBLIMATION READY and is GLITTER WHITE!!!
  • Our special glitter coating is a textured glitter feel, but smooth to hold and sublimate on while containing that gorgeous glitter sparkle!!!
  • Double walled
  • Vacuum sealed insulation
  • Made of 304 commercial food grade stainless steel (aluminum free)
  • BPA free sliding lid (choice of clear with rubber mouth, tinted with rubber mouth or a standard sliding lid
  • Individually wrapped and boxed
  • NO SEAM inside or out
  • Comes with a straw while supplies last (does not fit in individual box)
  • Quality tested
  • Unbranded to allow creative freedom
  • Tumblers are authentic CRAFT HAVEN®
  • Dimensions (approximate in inches):
    • Top Width: 3
    • Bottom Width: 3
    • Height: 8
  • Craft Haven® is not responsible for any sublimation misprinted variants as results may vary based on time, temperature, method of application and even equipment used for method of application. Please test and adjust your settings accordingly as misprints will not be covered under our damages policy.