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  • Clear UV Resin
  • Great for small projects. Make keychains, earrings, etc in minutes. Also great for attaching earring backs, securing your art to a phone grip base or a keychain eye screw. It's much easier than glue alone. Your piece didn't come out with a perfect finish? Doming it with UV Resin is a great quick fix!
  • Pour in thin layers (1/8" or so) and curing each layer is the most efficient way to use UV Resin. The thicker you pour, the more time you'll need under the lamp.
  • UV Resin is very tacky while curing. Don't test it by touching the surface, you will leave fingerprints.
  • Adding color to UV Resin will require a longer cure time. Colorants block the light, so the more opaque the color, the longer it will have to cure.
  • UV Resin requires a UV Lamp 24W.
  • Also available in 4oz bottle.